Hi! I’m Leanna Rose.

I am 23 years young.

I grew up in Anaheim and Riverside. I moved to San Diego for college and have been living here for 6 years now!

I love creating content through writing and media and aspire to have a career in marketing. This blog is for me to practice what I love and also gain experience in the field.

I love nature. I am obsessed with the ocean, camping, and beautiful hikes. Which inspires my landscape photography, camping trips, and general exploration.

Other inspirations you will see reflected in my blogs are my love for brunch, fashion, and God.

A few of my random favorite things include musical theatre (watching and performing), board games, mermaids, flowers, and books. I have a cat named Mittens (@MittensTheIGKitten) who is cuter and more instafamous than I. I am the oldest of three brothers and was a huge tomboy growing up and still love football.

I have an innate desire to explore. I truly believe it is instilled in all of us because we were created for a higher world and perhaps not meant to stay in one place all of our lives. I hope you enjoy my adventures and they help you live vicariously or inspire you and help you journey out as well.

If we Wait until we’re Ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our Lives

-Lemony Snicket